Thoát sàn vệ sinh Magdrain-giải pháp thoát nước toàn diện

Magdrain toilet floor drain with high durability, the application of magnetic suspension magnetic valve technology to help drain water and prevent odors effectively. If your bathroom has a bad smell. Or there are insects crawling up from the pipe. Or very slow drainage speed, choose this floor drain is the perfect choice.

Mag sanitary floor exit station with many outstanding advantages
Magdrain toilet floor exit station with many outstanding advantages 

Criteria to choose the most preeminent toilet floor

To get the toilet floor exit hole exactly as desired and used. Then you need to set specific criteria as follows:

  • Is the structure of the floor drain convenient to prevent unpleasant odors from the water pipes. In particular, the toilet floor must be sure to prevent insects from clinging to the pipes.
  • Is the drainage capacity of the floor drain quickly? Can the design filter out debris such as hair … through the pipes that block the pipes?
  • The structure should be compact, easy to install in any house or project. From there, it helps to save costs for installing and repairing water pipes if there is a problem.
  • The cost for the installation and use of the toilet floor is how much? Is it reasonable for your family’s budget?
  • Is the toilet floor exit pattern diverse, beautiful and eye-catching?

With the criteria for choosing the superior toilet floor exit, if you can completely answer those questions. Then surely the choice of floor exit hole also becomes easier for people wishing to use.

The important criteria when choosing floor exit gas
The important criteria when choosing floor exit gas

How is Magdrain toilet exit structured?

The Magdrain brand is a company that specializes in deep research on floor exhaust . With many years of experience and the constant creativity of the company team. The unit has launched a toilet floor drain product with many outstanding structures and advantages. Bring convenience and meet the needs of users.

Magdrain toilet floor exit has very special structure.

Core parts

With valve technology based on the turbulent magnetic field. Magdrain sanitary floor drains provide quick and gentle drainage. Moreover, the floor core contains a combination of magnets to generate a magnetic field and is suspended in space. Helping the valve system to operate most flexibly.

Magdrin floor drain core has a special structure
Magdrin floor drain core has a special structure

Magdrain toilet floor exit has exhaust valve designed in the shape of propeller

This part cannot be ignored when it comes to the structure of the Magdrain floor escape. Because it helps the floor drain surface automatically clean. And more importantly, the faster the drainage rate is processed.

Especially, with the design in the shape of the propeller, there is water on the toilet floor surface. The valve system will automatically open to quickly and easily discharge water in the direction of the drainage pipe.

Garbage barrier

Magdrain toilet floor drainage Magdrain has 2 flexible layers to help garbage. And the dirt cannot go down the pipe. From there, it will not cause a blockage in the sanitary water pipes.

With the design of the small tabs of the trash barrier below. Magdrain floor escapes help prevent hair, dirt from entering the tube. Also with the beautiful design of the garbage barrier above. Helping buyers comfortably choose the right toilet floor space.

Thus, with its outstanding structure, there are many advantages, the Magdrain floor escape has been and is meeting the standards of many families’ needs. Just exit the floor quickly, effectively preventing odors. It just prevents insects from crawling up from the pipe. Since then, it helps family members feel secure about hygiene right in their bathroom.

The garbage filter consists of 2 multipurpose layers
The garbage filter consists of 2 multipurpose layers

Magdrain toilet floor escape models popular today

To properly meet the needs of use as well as to suit many different home spaces of customers. Magdrain has released many different floor escape models with different shapes and sizes. Let’s explore the Magdrain toilet floor escaping line with the most popular model.

Long floor escape pattern

This is one of the Magdrain floor escape models used by many families and hotels. With material made of 304 stainless steel, 304 surface is matte, size 80x800mm. And ultra-fast drainage rate 81l / 1 minute. The long floor escape station brings the convenience of home use space.

Model of long floor escape gas
Model of long floor escape gas

Square or circular floor exit pattern for washing machines

With copper material, the surface is matte Nike plated with the same size of 100x100mm. And the drainage flow rate reaches 36l / 1 min. Round or square floor exit pattern for washing machine is popular with many families.

Using Magdrain toilet floor not only helps you get a clean, airy, and fragrant bathroom and toilet space. But also brings certain convenience in the process of living.

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Round or square toilet floor exit pattern
Round or square toilet floor exit pattern

Why should you use the Magdrain toilet floor drain?

It is no coincidence that the Magdrain toilet floor exit has been chosen by many families in recent times. This product is a comprehensive drainage solution and has many outstanding advantages compared to other floor drain lines. So what is the convincing reason you use the Magdrain floor escape? Join us to explore below.

Escape the Magdrain toilet floor for a breakthrough in technology

  • Magdrain is the leading unit pioneering the application of Magiev technology. To design collapsible valves use magnetic fields for floor drainage. With modern and advanced technology, it is researched and created based on the actual needs of users. Magdrain toilet floors are increasingly popular and trusted in the market today.
  • Furthermore, the valve opens and closes based on the repulsion of a magnetic field between two opposing magnet systems on a fixed spindle. Magdrain floor drain has quick and efficient drainage. Since then, it helps the living of everyone in the family to be faster and more convenient.
Escape the Magdrain floor for a breakthrough in technology
Escape the Magdrain floor for a breakthrough in technology

Magdrain floor exit is subtle in design

  • To have a product line that is both convenient and beautiful for your home space. Magdrain has been designed in great detail and meticulous attention to each line. From there, it helps to drain the water as effectively as possible.
  • In addition, the Magdrain toilet floor exit is designed with a harmonious combination between the technical system inside and the outer shell. Bring the smooth operation of products to consumers.
  • Hơn nữa, sản phẩm được thiết kế tối ưu nhất để có thể lắp đặt được. Với mọi kích thước ống thoát nước khác nhau từ 60mm, 76mm, 90mm, 110mm.

Phục vụ đúng nhu cầu của người sử dụng

Nếu bạn đang mong muốn tìm cho mình ga thoát sàn vừa thoát nước nhanh chóng. Vừa ngăn rác hiệu quả để không bị tắc nghẽn ống dẫn nước lại vừa ngăn mùi tuyệt đối. Thì hãy lựa chọn ngay thoát sàn vệ sinh Magdrain. Vì sản phẩm hội tụ đủ 3 nhu cầu mà bạn đang muốn hướng tới.

  • Thoát nước nhanh: Với hệ thống van từ nhẹ giúp van mở ngay khi có nước và đóng kín khi hết nước trên bê mặt ga thoát sàn. Đặc biệt lưu lượng thoát nước 36/1 phút với van xả A5-Q3-Q5-Q6 giúp tốc độ xả nước lên đến 82/1 cùng kích thước lớn Q8.
  • Effective trash : Magdrain is designed with 2 layers of trash can prevent dirt from going down the pipe to clog the water pipes. Furthermore, the drainage compartment of the product is flat, without a water tank. So it will avoid accumulation of dirt inside the floor drain, causing unpleasant odors.
  • Absolute odor prevention : Not only has the feature of fast drainage, effective trash prevention, but also the ability to drain the toilet floor Magdrain is also capable of absolute odor prevention. Thanks to the optimal design of the magnetic field valve, combined with a rubber seal, it effectively prevents odors. Furthermore, the valve is always tightly closed to prevent insects from the pipes entering the bathroom.
Magdrain floor exit effectively prevents odors
Magdrain floor exit effectively prevents odors

The Magdrain toilet floor has magnetic segment compensation technology

  • Magdrain designed to divide the magnetic field into two parts: the push and the pull part. Helps the moving mechanism always become optimal suspension state and constant magnetic force.
  • Furthermore, the Magdrain floor escape deck has a streamlined egg-shaped design. Helps prevent iron-containing dust in water from sticking to the drainage core surface. Avoid affecting the magnetic field and protect the durability of the product.

Magdrain has a special spindle mechanism

  • The Magdrain floor drain’s entire magnetic valve system operates on the central spindle. From there, it helps the valve system open and close effectively.
  • Furthermore, the spindle core and the reversing magnet system have a certain distance. Help the system to operate flexibly and gently. And ensure high durability in the process of using the product by users.
Magdrain floor exit has many outstanding advantages
Magdrain floor exit has a special spindle mechanism

Magdrain self-cleaning with a vortex system

  • The top of the exhaust valve is designed in a serrated blade. When there is water on the surface, the valve system will automatically open and the drained water withdraws down the drain.
  • Therefore, the Magdrain toilet floor drain can clean the floor drainage system by itself with the drain mechanism. Since then, the floor surface is always well ventilated, clean, with no trash and waste water pits.

Escape Magdrain toilet floor using new nanomaterials

Magdrain Sanitary Floor Escape Magnetic Valve uses Nano premium materials. Insoluble in acids, bases, salts and organic solvents. This is also the material that makes the skeleton of Boeing 777. Thanks to that, during use, the product has high durability over time. Helping users save costs to install toilet floor drain.

Magdrain toilet floor exit using Nano technology
Magdrain toilet floor exit using Nano technology

Instructions for quick installation of Magdrain toilet floors at home

The following steps to install the floor exit station will help you easily and quickly use the Magdrain toilet floor drain in your home space. Let’s explore right now.

Step 1: You cut the drain hose to be level with the floor (when not covered with bricks).

Step 2: You clean the debris around the drainage pipe. Then you pour sand around the mouth of the tube.

Step 3: You measure and cut bricks to fit the surface size of the floor drain.

Step 4: You cut the brick into 4 small parts to easily cover around the Magdrain toilet floor.

Step 5: Next, you put cement on the surface around the water pipe to fix the floor drain and bricks.

Step 6: Finally, you put 4 brick parts around the floor exit station.

So, the stage of installing Magdrain toilet floor is finished. It’s easy and quick, right?



Installation instructions for floor exit gas
Instructions for installing Magdrain floor drain

Notes when you install Magdrain sanitary napkins

In the process of installing Magdrain floor drain, you must pay close attention to the following issues:

  • You should use just enough cement. Do not over-plaster the floor drain. To prevent the cement from being run down, leading to slow drainage.
  • You can fully disassemble the drain pipe fixture as well as the upper surface layer. To clean the floor against unpleasant odors.
  • Especially, if you find yourself getting stuck with the self-installation process. Then call the repairman right away for quick installation, to avoid unfortunate situations.

Quotation of Magdrain Sanitary Floor Escape Types

After learning about the structure of the Magdrain toilet floor , about its outstanding advantages, on how to install. As well as important notes during setup. You will probably want to know the details of construction costs now. Please refer to the price list of the most popular and commonly used Magdrain toilets.

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